About Us

  • Objektif Tetap was established in March, 1995. Over the years our company has become one of the leading distributor and supplier of petroleum products to various industries in the Klang Valley. Our company is also the authorised supplier of fuel to major ports in Malaysia.
  • To manage the demand, Objektif Tetap established its own storage plant with a capacity of 250,000 litres of fuel within the Klang Valley. This plant supports the efficient distribution of fuel to its customers at a competitive rate. Objektif Tetap is presently expanding its fuel storage facilities to one million litres.
  • Objektif Tetap is equipped with its own transport and delivery system of fuel to various customers throughout Malaysia.
  • The company is also committed to research and development in reducing petroleum waste emission and discharges.
  • Safety performance is a top priority of Objektif Tetap. This principle is based on a belief that incidents are never inevitable and never acceptable. Objektif requires systems and controls to be robust and effective to prevent any accidents.
  • Objektif Tetap uses established international impact assessment methodologies to understand and avoid any potential negative impact on the